What breaks my heart when I hear of someone taking drugs is that they had forgotten that there is a mother that carried them, a god that protect them, a family that will be so heartbroken if something happens to them. They forget that the money they are using to buy those drugs could be used for other more interesting stuff than just to feel high??

Well, this is a simple sentence to say, isn’t it.  I am not talking here about hard core drugs like Heroin, LSD, Marijuana or the other types that kills, I am talking about the normal medications that are sold in our drug stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and health shops.  These medications are dangerous even though they are classified under the safe medicines.  However our kids, being so intelligent, they figure out a way to use them in conjunction with another off the shelf medication and if they are taken together, in certain quantities the person taking them will have the same effect that he or she will feel if they take hard core drugs.  Also that lethal drug called SPACE that comes to our countries via the internet and regular post, is not traceable in urine or blood checks.  So a person having the over the counter medications, or space will never be tested as drug addicts, but he or she are.  who is responsible?? us the parents.

Ok, we have a responsibility to educate our kids so they don’t take medications.  We also talk to the schools, other parents, and to any person that we come in contact with.can we be with the kids 24/7 rather than go to work, and look after the rest of the family? who should we trust in the society? should we trust the owners of pharmacies? supermarkets? or other health shops? do they know that the medications that they are selling is becoming a lethal weapon that is killing our kids? or making them walk like zombies and affecting their brains and make them vegetables?

The schools apparently have no idea that sale of over the counter medication as well as space is actually happening on the grounds and inside the classrooms.  A whole gangster operation is occurring as I speak in public and private schools in the UAE as well as other gulf countries.  All our children are falling victims to this phenomena and no one is doing any thing about it.

I will not say that its the police job, I will not say that its not their job, this is the responsibility of the whole society and we all should be taking care of our children and checking them thoroughly when they enter or exit the home.  I think that there shouldn’t be an over sale of over the counter medication, for example I was in Boots in London and tried to buy 4 packs of panadol, they refused to sell me more than two? why? because that can be used for some sort of drug addiction if combined with other medications, so if they British drug stores are doing it, why are we oblivious to this fact and continue to make a quick sale?

This is the second time that I am writing about this subject, as another of my nephews had fallen a victim to these killer drugs, and that too he was the most intelligent of all the nephews.  He almost finished writing his book, and discovered a mathematical formula. what happened to him? I have no idea.  God help his mother.