An unbelievable number of companies are part of TECOM. 4500 companies in 10 sectors gathered in one place to network with each other to fish synergies and collaborations. Can this happen? Of course it can.

In my humble opinion, all small business start with that ignition of an idea; this may have come to someone’s mind due to a need (dubizzle for example) or just being genius (Ezone for example), and everything in between.  At the end of the day any product or a service will find its way to the hearts of the people due to increased publicity and exposure.  Not to forget word of mouth, peer pressure and the strong existence of social media nowadays, and previously the mother’s coffee mornings.  I don’t think that men can promote a product or a service really well, as they are always I grossed in their work plus being single taskers. So the products or the service find their way into a woman’s mouth, and the story begins.  We single handedly can bring a product or a service down like a rock falling from the sky, and can splash it everywhere like a rainbow. Unfortunately the advertising companies do not give us enough justice.  Take me for example, I use all the vitamins that there are in the world, and convince my friends to use them, shouldn’t the vitamin companies use me as their advertising magnet, rather than putting a 20000 dollars advert on TV? Also women are naturally jealous, so if we find a person wearing that Prada bag, we all have to have one. So shouldn’t Prada find a woman with lots of friends and giver her a Prada bag, so the rest of her friends follow suit and but one each?  Ok, I know I am digressing here.

Anyway, the CEO’s at the networking event were all looking to sell their products to me, no one of them asked what we do? So let me say it here. Guys, you are all busy being CEO’s, and you’re all married with kids who are at schools. Give me those kids to take care of their educational needs, whether it being better schools, summer and winter camps, extra curriculum activities, psychometric testing, language training, Kids MBA, football academy, golf academy, and so on.  You can be as busy as can be, and I will take care of the kids as you would like me.  Is this too difficult to understand? Or is pausing the question of what do you do too demanding?  We were taught of the 30 seconds intro when we are in the left.  The person who taught us this forgot to mention that when we ask the person in the left what he or she does, we should remember to mention what we do too, otherwise we learn a lot about others, and no one would know about us. There we go again.

This remind me of the movie Hitch, when he teaches men or women how to find a partner and stick with it.  And in the same movie, they should the dating companies that give the couple 2 minutes each to talk about themselves and either they will like each other or they will not? Imagine that someone actually pays to be a date fixed after 2 miniatures of introduction? Hardly.  So the CEO network didn’t work in my opinion.  Firstly the people were there to eat those silly nibbles, and drink that juice! And the place was dark, and we had to stand next to cocktail tables, some of us wear high heels guys, and there was green lawn, we damaged it by standing or waking on it. I would rather if we were in a proper room, sitting on tables and having booked appointments we move from one to the next. Or maybe they would choose few companies to talk in one slide what they need for us? Why beat around the bush, let’s say it, we need business, and that is why we are renting offices, and hiring staff? And that is how we will be able to pay the staff and pay for the office and other stuff that comes with it.   Even the place that rented us the office need to have all the offices rented, otherwise they will not be able to pay the staff.  

Money makes its cycle, it doesn’t stay in anyone’s pocket. Show me a person apart from uncle Scrooge who has money kept under the pillow. Every cent made is spent on something or the other. It’s like gold, there is only a limited amount of it, so if my neighbour buys gold, the other neighbour is not able to buy the same gold. The cycle of money is interesting, and we all know it, but we still have to work to be in the way of the cycle, otherwise we are out of it altogether. 

If the above doesn’t make sense to you, you must excuse me, as I am too sleepy, so hopefully you can correct it and let em know what you think I meant by this blog.