Some of the banks in the world will give Shakespeare a run for his money, as if he is alive now, he will regret writing his story “the Merchant of Venice”, as what the banks are doing these days is not just taking a pound of flesh  of every person that needed a loan, they will suck his life too, and it will be a pity as we do not have the judge that saved that gentleman’s life back in the days of Venice and the Jewish lenders; what we have today is a system that live on the likes of the Shylocks of this world, with a total disregard to what the society pains and feelings were.
I did mention before that many banks over here had established these loan sharks divisions, of course without prior approval from the central bank, because if you are a bank that is open already, then you had your approval, and whatever you do next is limited to the board of directors’ choice, so if the board thinks that by having the loan sharks established and charging the people 25% interest is making sense, then they go ahead with it. 
What the banks had forgotten is that, there is no way that a business can do 25% profit knowing the economy of the time.  So a lot of people default in their payments (of course) and for that a new division will be established by the loan sharks called collection. 
The subject of today is about these divisions, the banks will get CV’ from all sort of people, so they chose those school drop outs, criminals, the scum of society, the types that you wouldn’t want to be associated with, and the residues of boiling sewage water and real human stool.  The place they put these collectors in is the hoods, the buildings have no name, and if you are passing by you wouldn’t even notice that it’s a place where dormant criminals reside. These people are vicious, they are ready to jump on you and extract your limbs because that is how they are paid.  Body parts, pounds of flesh and liters of blood.  They will continue to call you and visit your house and may even kick you out of your house, your office, take your computers and books just to cover the money that you owe them. And if they cannot find you, they will call your staff or your friends and try in every way to tell horrible stories about how mean you are and how you are avoiding the payments.  No confidentiality in the whole matter at all, so if you sign up with them, then you have given them a lien on all your life.  
People beware, as if they get hold of you, there is no saving, your life is in jeopardy, and the only way to get out of their face is to pay.  Of course if you cannot pay, you can commit suicide or run with their life, as you will not be spared.  
The surprising thing though is that the police will act on their instructions, and if they tell the police that a person didn’t pay, the police is ready to arrest.  No questions asked, and no intention of reaching a remedial action is even proposed, so the police become part of this cult; normally over here the police are not scary, in actual fact they are very nice and to agree to be involved in this loan sharks scheme is not something that I would like the police to be involved in, so this has to stop.  The police has to investigate how many people committed suicide in the country and why, I bet that 99% are due to these loan sharks.
Many things need to be investigated over here, beginning with the percentage of interest charged to the way the whole thing is handled.  If the central bank or the police need my help, I am ready, and will devote my life to save those unfortunate who gave their pound of flesh, liters of blood to these banks, and to find the judge who will save the merchant of Venice.
Thank you Mr Shakespear for giving me ammunition to use as analogy.