I couldn’t believe the resemblance to Margaret Thatcher, it was as if she is herself! The producers had chosen the right person for the character both in terms of body built and in terms of personality and strength, but to make Merille Streep look exactly like Thatcher was beyond my comprehension. If tomorrow I want someone to look like my dad then it should be feasible I guess? 

Anyway, I liked the movie very much, it wasn’t done as a normal movie, it was sort of how an elder person remembers ones life. However this is not why I am writing this blog. 

I want to compare what is happening in bahrain now to what was happening during Thatcher’s time with the IRA, except some minor differences. The demonstrations, the killings, the people who died in the streets, the heads that were smashed, the eyes that popped out, the hands and legs that got amputated due to bullets and bombs, and all the fires in the buildings were all the same.  What were the IRA people fighting for? Was it Ireland independence or religious sectarianism? Well, whatever it was I think got sorted eventually as I don’t hear anything about them anymore! Was it resolved amicably or it was wiped off completely? Not sure also I must research this, just to compare it to what is happening to Bahrain and to extrapolate it to see the results. 

Anyway, back to the movie, it is worth every second, I applaud the producer and the actors.