Last week commemorates the vicious killing of Imam Hussain, the son of Sayeda Fatema and Imam Ali. Those that participated in the killing were a group of tribes who didn’t believe that Islam was a real thing, but thought that Profit Mohammed had only promoted it to get maximum gains from the people around Mecca and Madina and other Arab countries who slowly started to adopt the religion.  In actual fact there was a poem that they had  recited which portrays exactly what they felt, it goes like this ” bani Hashim played with the wealth, there is no god and no Quraan”, you must excuse me as I am not that great in translation, but the gist of what had happened is conveyed by this simple translation.  Anyway, in the battle of Karbala, over 30,000 troops gathered to Kill imams Hussain and his friends, only 75 men, their wives, children were there; the water supply was cut, and the tents that housed the prophet’s family and their loyal friends was surrounded, at mid day on the tenth  of Muharram (a month that prevents any killing) all the men died, and even the little children (male) were also killed, barring the elder son of Imam Hussain as he was too ill to go to war.  Even the few months old baby Abdullah was killed in a brutal way.  Then they burnt the tents, the girls and mothers were trying to escape, the gang stole all the belongings and raised fear in the hearts of the children 

So one would say that the battle was a complete disaster, and thereafter Islam would die? 

But as we all know, Islam is still a practiced religion and is followed by millions of people around the world? What is the secret? 

The Secret is Sayeda Zainab, she is the bomb that Sayeda Fatima, Imam Ali and Imam Hussain had prepared very well to take over the preaching of Islam. In actual fact if it wasn’t’ for Zainab, her tremendous strength and agility Islam will not have been here today. She stood in front of Yazeed (coh), threatened him and gave speeches in all the places that they dragged them to including the heads of all those that were viciously slain. 

Let’s bring the camera back to our day, it all started with this Tunisian boy who burnt himself in public as had all the qualification and no job. The Arab spring started, fired with the strength of social media, one country after the other declared a date to apprise, and of course, the research had proved that women were the majority in flaring up the public opinion and pushing everybody to ask for basic rights.  I f you gather all the writeups, videos, tweets, Facebook walls,  etc you will see that women were prominent in the Arab spring history of 2011. Some though were not a great examples I must add.  

What happened next was just history, most of the leaders had left, and some fought till they hid in a hole, and some are still steadfast hoping that the young will be bored and forget all about it.  

My point here is, Imam Hussain wanted change, and Arab spring wanted change;  Imam Hussain had a strategy for continuity, however, did the Arab spring had this strategy? Or they just went out and gathered in one of the largest roundabouts in each country, and when they won (those who had won I mean) they paused to think of what to do next? they were basically hoping that the strategy will be built in a similar way that all other revolutions that happened prior to the industrial revolution like the French revolution and others that those interested in history know about.  Of course I am not saying that one should always have an agenda and should know what one would do if one wins, but if you were taking of grabbing basic rights, you should know what these are, how to get them, which convention and recommendation madagascar them, what is the shape of the government that is needed, what are the stands that we need the new leaders to have, are we going to hire crocks to run the government or will we elect the best, as I am certain that this is the aspiration of the youth. We all want to have a country that is number on one in non-corruption, it’s college of education has a waiting list, and every person in its community has all the necessities, and socially secured. 

It is not a coincidence that youth join a political party, we all had that mind when we were young, we all believed that change is good, and we all should strive to change to the best.  To do this, every political party should prepare its members to be ministers, in all the fields of a cabinets, we do not really need to reinvent the wheel, we can see what the west had done, learn from their mistakes and then do better.  But to have a no-strategy revolution is not something that we all want to see.  I for one, wouldn’t like to live in chaos, I for one, want my electricity, my bed, my Internet, wifi, you name it of modern way of life which we feel it’s necessary to have and I want it. So to me I will never (now and before) follow a party unless I know for sure that it has an agenda and a clear governance for when and if it wins.  Every country that has political parties they work in parallel, they have a cabinet and a shadow cabinet. But to have no idea of what their education strategy, for example, would be and no person to run the education ministry, is not something that I and anyone in my generation will approve of.  I do not want to go to the dark ages again, and live a pre-history life.  I want life to continue as if nothing happened, in actual fact I want it to start being better as soon as the revolution takes over.  No worries, no one in the streets, no dead bodies, no queues in supermarkets and petrol pumps, no kids sitting at home without learning, no phones tapped, no censored books (whether paper or ebook)  nothing major that makes life intolerable. 

I am sure that some kids  will be upset with me for saying this, as they feel that lets first uprise, and then worry about the circumstances of whats next? No! I will not agree to help. Of course I will not be anti, I will not attach an unwanted description on them, I will not say that they are communist, chauvinists , imperialists, sheaests, sunniest, Islamists, wahhabists, Machiavelleists, liberalist and the rest of the lists that there are on this world. I will not also say that they have been brain washed by a certain governments to push their existing leaders out, I will not say bad words on their prophets and imams (I saw a tweet from a person who was wanted by the Bahraini goverment and the inter-pole and who was raping prisoners and torturing them, and who is now looked at as “The Lord of the Ring- The return of the king” by some people in Bahrain, weird really).  I will respect those that uprise and are asking for basic human rights.  But I will respect them even more if they knew the next step. 

So here is the final word, if Imam Hussain had a strategy, and ingrained the philosophy of Islam in the head of a weak woman taken as a prisoner of war, and that too was over 1400 years ago, it is high time that those that participated in the Arab spring and their leaders wake up to this fact, learn from it before too late, and before we all start to curse them similar to what the Iranians are doing to their government.