An acquaintance of mine left her teaching job due to what she continuously saw and heard in her school from the 13 years old fighting and bullying each other about their religion. The country that this person came from is known, as it’s one of those that are part of the recent Arab Spring, and what hurt even more is that she comes from a mixes sect family, so is this situation going to transfer to her own family too? Anyway, she left, and found a job at a neighbouring country, but she lasted only 12 days. Why? We all think it’s because of her sect. It is assumed rather than confirmed, but she lost her job because of this assumption.

Couple of weeks ago I attended the GCES symposium, and various discussions took place in regards to teaching and learning for kids as well as the teachers reaction towards the various types of learning techniques that are being thrown at them to make our kids better learners and enhances their knowledge base.  It seems that the teachers are apprehensive in learning about these new techniques, as they feel that it may not be easily transferable to the mids of the students.  

Now here is the question, why on earth are we able to install unethical behaviours in relation to religion, but we cannot teach by using new methodologies? And does this mean that the family has more influence on the kids’ minds than what us the teachers can do in the school time? 

Let’s take this question to bits; let us examine the families these days, we do not have the extended family, so when the children return home, there is only the maid, the tv, the play station and their homework.  When the mum and dad return home, they are so tired to the extent that they have no time to teach the kids anything. So where did the kids learn those weird words from? How did they learn to swear at each other? 

Then let us look at the schools. The children spend most of their time in the class rooms for almost 8 hours a day, which means that they should learn more from their teachers than from their mums and dads? If this argument holds, then the complaints of the teachers are nots valid, and maybe the teachers are busy teaching the swear words to the kids rather than science, math, technology and library uses.  I shouldn’t be so mean, I am sure they will not do this, as all of us are reasonable people and very tolerant? Or are we?

In my opinion nothing will work in the middle east unless we all live in harmony, that is when can introduce all of these changes that the world is introducing into the education system.  The day that we can practice our beliefs freely, is the day that we can have open minded teachers, principles, and children, the formula needs to be understood by all. Discrimination on the basis of religion is not to be taken lightly, and it is synonym to the black and white discrimination. We are returning to the middle ages.