Maybe you had experienced the first mobile phone (some countries has a museum to keep all types of phones and phone developments since inception but we don’t) they called it the brick, I certainly never got one as it was too heavy for my liking.  Then we got the beepers, the phones became smaller and the functions on them increased, but with the new generation phones like the BB, IPhones and others we can do almost anything with the phones except have a conversation. However one thing I never quite know how to handle with these phones: The Clutter.

Okay, let me start, first we have all the emails the we received and replied to, the replies stay on the phone. Then we have the saved emails, and the documents that we received and saved. 

Secondly we have the texts, BBM messages, whatsapp messages and the umpteen number of videos that people send you through BBM and whatsapp.  The pictures at least classify themselves according to where from, but the other stuff just stay in one box and we have to classify them. So our phones now resemble our iPads and laptops, and also our lives, a lot is going on in them.  

What do we do? Should we start by working through our lives and sorting out what is important from the bunch of activities that we do? Or we just limit our work to the gadgets and hoping that our lives will sort itself out like a domino effects. I guess not! I feel that with increased dependence on technology we had left out the human touch completely and had forgotten that the are certain clutters require a human touch, like for example our cupboards and drawers, both require us to set a certain amount of time to sort through the unwanted items and clear them to give to charities. Also the citchen cabinets and the pantry, we must go through that as often as possible as otherwise we will have a lot of unwanted stuff plus unwanted insects creeping through them. 

The Chinese horoscope require us to sift through all our stuff and leave only the things that we use and through the rest.  I tried that once and ended up with very little to through away, of course I am a squirrel when it comes to collecting things,  I just cannot threw things away, my husband on the other hand can three all his suits with out a blink.

Anyway if anyone of you know how to arrange the stuff in the phones and laptop please spare a moment to tell me, I need that.