when i find my staff gloomy or unhappy about something, i ask them not to answer the phone, as the next phone call can be from a student and i dont want him or her to feel the gloominess of the staff. the smile can be heard on the phone, and the tone of the voice can tell if the person on the other side of the line is happy to answer the call or not. the staff argue with me about this, so i remind them that without the student we will not be alble to buy cloths, rent homes or even eat, and the only way to distinguish ourselves is by being friendly, friendliness is senonimous to high quality.

that is why i feel really upset when i phone my bank and the person on the other side of the line is unhelpful or impolite. so one day i blow up on the customer service person, i told him that without me and my colleagues the CUSTOMERS he and the bank will collapse, and if they do not start to treat us with respect i will close my account and take my money and run. of course what ever i said went over his small head, and he didnt even apologise, so i wrote an email to the bosses, till now no reply is received.

banks over here are useless, they are trained by baboons in the jungle, in actual fact baboons can be more customer friendly than the staff of any bank in the UAE. but who to complain to? i dont know, and no one would tell me.

so if one day, i managed to get a group going ( from the account holders of one of the banks that i use) and we all agree to close our accounts, then i think someone will notice. so i am starting a movement. i will call it the “customers are kings” movements, and whoever treat any of us “THE CUSTOMERS” badly, we boycot that business. i think that is the only way to make noticable repairs to life in the UAE.

tell me what you think.