No it’s not the movie, it’s what I am having this week. Its my holiday, and no one can tell me that I have no right in taking it, I think of course that the staff will be upset as I hadn’t prepared their pay checks, but I am sure they will forgive me as I will return and have a straight face without being mean and nasty and growl at them for the simplest thing like not answering their emails, or not looking after our important 18 year old clients!!?? Also I had a tough time organizing my daughter’s henna and engagement parties, and previous to that I had four weekends of important trips, so I had been quite tired really, and was in desperate need for a quite time. So when my daughters and my sister suggested a trip, I couldn’t say no. My husband didn’t put a fight either, as he too knew that I will have a nervous breakdown.

However, we booked a cheap holiday, but we thought that even though it’s cheap, the hotel looked decent (judging by the photos on the Internet), and the travel agent was also helpful so we packed our bags a day after the party and off we went to the airport.

Mistake number one: we exchanged money at the airport? Well, we paid 30 fils more per lira. We should have exchanged in town, but we didn’t have time.

Mistake number two: I could have avoided paying for visa on arrival if I had my other travel document with me! But I listened to my husband and didn’t take it.

Mistake number three: the holiday company were not at the airport waiting for us, so we spent roaming time on my phone looking for them, and we found them after almost an hour

We had been booked on cheap airline, so we had to buy extra luggage. And because of the cheap airline, we landed in an airport that is an hour away from the hotel???

And when we got to the hotel, we got rooms that were considered single as doubles, and the room was so tiny that at night I pumped my arms on the tv and my legs on the heater and I did that twice, while going to the bathroom to wash for prayers and while coming back. We of course got the shock of our life when we saw the breakfast room, it was a strip? Literally it was a two meters by ten meters, with hundreds of tables and chairs. The Food of course was not what I was accustomed to when I came last yer? There was bread, cheese and boiled eggs, and if we wanted omelet we had to order it and pay for it extra. Of course there is no coffee or tea in the room, so that too had to be bought, so all in all, we would be paying double the amount that we paid for this cheap holiday.
My advise, never take a cheap holiday

My observation, the hotel is full, and the only reason it’s full is because they do false advertisement;

My recommendation to the holiday company: please check the hotels that you are stuffing the people into, and put yourself in their shoes prior to selling the holiday. You don’t want a big mouth like me to write a bad review about you.