I was driving towards Nabih Saleh, a stunning little island in Bahrain that can be Portofino- Italy if we wanted it to be, listening to my usual classic music and enjoying the country, when seven giants with muscles stopped me as they were putting the barricades to block the road.  I begged them to open one barricade so I can go to my friend’s house to deliver her paintings.  They were all wearing head and face mask, one cannot enjoy their faces, I rolled the window down, called them to come close to me, and asked if they had finished their exams! They all replied at once that all of them had been kicked out of school.

Well of course they will go up to mischief if they cannot go to school, I guess.  So I resigned myself and turned back to go home.  I was so distressed to see that and hear it first-hand.  I think it’s their revenge, they must be thinking if we cannot go to school, let’s create havoc then.  They poured their anger at the streets and burnt the tires as I can see them from my mirror while waiting at the traffic light; suddenly I see few police cars coming out of nowhere, I was lucky that the lights turned green when the first tear gas was activated.

Let’s take a different scenario, since it’s World Cup time I suppose, let’s imagine that these hefty gorgeous looking lads where at schools, and they are playing football, minding themselves, suddenly they shoot that goal that not even Pele in his time had ever shot. Suddenly our imaginary football scouts notice these lovely boys and decide to offer them football scholarships to attend the best university in the world, where they can study and play their favorite game too.  Imagine the returns to our country if we had allowed these young lads to do what they are best at!  Just imagine?

I think it’s our responsibility to make this imaginary scene a real thing, we must stop this madness and change our country to be amongst those that are going to be playing for the World Cup.