I can hardly remember when was the last time I had gone to a mall in a complete relaxation and shopped, ate, had coffee, had ice cream, had more coffee, prayed, went for a massage etc.

last weekend a group of friends spent the whole of saturday in a shopping mall in Dubai. We left my phone inside my bag on a silent mode. We walked and talked for a while, had lunch, did shopping, went for a very relaxing feet massage, and did stuff tell the evenning. I dont know about you, but something like this is far away from my mind since the last few years. Is it age? is it being busy? is it because my mind is focused on working and only working?
I noticed that since many people are planning their own work and embarking on their own projects and companies, maybe I didnt notice this before, but certainly there is an increase in small businesses being established these days then ever before. I am sure when I was little i didnt see a grocery shop in every corner in my neighborhood, all of us used to walk a distance to the closest grocery shop next to the baker, bought our favourite sweets (jelly beans), had our drink and bought the hot bread with the nakhkhaj or bajela and of course ate half of it before reaching home. even my sister was burnt by this grocer when he was trying to switch the kirosin fire off the huge pot of bioling eggs. (I went with her to the hospital, as my mum and dad were away on a trip, this was when I think I was barely 11) now if you go to the same spot you will see like a hundred grocery shops, and more than one baker. The choice is huge, and the number of entrants into the SME market is wider than ever. Thus, if we are all engaged in SME’s, and none of us are having the time to go shopping and relax, who on earth is doing the buying?
can someone reply to me?