the martians This is indeed a great movie, which I watched late due to travels and work; while watching I thought why it wasn’t chosen as best movie by the people’s choice programme? it was amazing, grasping, sounded so real and I loved Matt Damon even more.


However I am not writing this blog to critique the movie, in my mind its perfect apart from the last part where he jumped from his spaceship to the woman that stood there waiting for him, as that didn’t sound very real.  I am writing this to show the anomalies in our world. I know, I know what you are going to say, its a movie, so I mustn’t focus on stuff like this, but what happened in the movie could happen.  NASA can forget one of its astronauts in space and the world can help in bringing him or her back.  What I am trying to say is that saving one life is as important as saving many lives, and saving many lives is also as important.


We as humans have double standards, the whole world neglects the importance of preventing killing whether by wars or natural disasters, but at the same time raise our voice if one person faces death or prosecution.  We omit areas that are not “so important” or where a human is considered less important than others, like africans, Arabs or native people (native Indians, Aborigines and so on); also a person that criticises a government can receive a noble prize, while another who does the same gets prosecuted along with many with him (46 in the latest incident).  A bombing in one place is talked about in the media of the world, while another one or two are not even discussed and newspapers put the big news on the first page, which is at the same time splashed all over the network, while other places that had exactly the same bombing maybe told in the sixth page of the paper or as a text liner on TV.


I for one believe that every human being is important, each one of us is created with his or her own finger print, DNA, Genome, voice,  and so on, there are no two people that look alike and even intelligence differs.  any one of us can be Einstein, or Madam Corrie or Alkhawarismi, or Ibn Sina.  Anyone of us can create a painting or a sculpture, can have a cure to a killer disease, can create cars, airplanes, space shuttles, time travel, new way for teaching, new type of food, new makeup, design a fantastic looking dress for me,  and many more that I do not want to list here unless you want to stay reading till tomorrow.  Thus ignoring death in some countries or encouraging death, is not human.  We should all think that a person is a person and is very important, whether the person is forgotten in Mars or in an area with increased terrorism.


Shall I put this as another sixtieth birthday wish? or will I have to live to be 600 before this can happen?