I was sitting one day with four women, the first one had a child, divorced, fell in love with another person, but prevented from marrying him by her government, stayed in love but never met him again! the second one got divorced, her ex took the kids and left the country leaving her on her own to fend for herself; the third one is separated but lives with the ex, who brags in front of her in having girl friends as young as 16; the fourth one is a widower who married again to a guy that cheated on her with many other women; and I? and today my daughter was telling me the story of this Australian woman that killed her husband, cut him to pieces and fed the cooked flesh to her children.  That made me think of whether we are placed in a situation that can compel us to do horrible things, or instead we can flip the situation to our benefit and make something out of it.  Why would a woman kill her husband? well, maybe she is mad, but maybe he did something that made her commit such an atrocity, I am totally against killing, as it only brings sorrows and nightmares to the doer, I am all for finding out solutions to a situation that presents itself to us.  So the four women that I was having tea with are all checking their cards to see which one of them is the poker. They are all living, maybe unhappily, still are working and being productive members of the community.


Women are power houses, and I mean that, we all can tolerate the worst conditions and can do marvellous things for ourselves, our children and the community; in my previous post I wrote about Dr Sakena Yacoobi, who withstood the harsh Taliban conditions and has over 3 million people that benefited from her teaching methodology! so we can do, and we can build, in actual fact there is nothing in this world that we cannot achieve, but one thing I cannot stand.  I cannot believe that the world still talks about women empowerment? I believe that if I want to do something, I will do it no matter if I am allowed to do it or not, the world is full of opportunities that are attainable by both men and women alike, nothing is standing in the face of both genders except oneself.  If we work on achieving we will win, and if we tell ourselves that we cannot then we will not be able to achieve.  Self empowerment is the word that must be used here instead of empowering; rights are taken and not given, opportunities are snapped and not placed on a golden plate.  All we need to do is work and work hard, create, do things, raise our children to be leaders and achievers, stay hand in hand with our sisters and brothers, love our parents and cherish the world.


Our world need us, we cannot just sit still sulking about why we do not have rights when we can run for it and eradicate poverty, teach children and help those that need us. Sulking is a word that needs to be eradicated from the dictionary; we must never allow ourselves to fall for not having the rights to do what we want to do, waiting will only aggravate the situation instead of solving it.