The new building of Iraq or any of those countries that were under dictators like Libya, Tunisia and others that I may not have enough space on cyber space to mention, needs one thing only, that is the commitment of its people. The people who are inside the country or outside the country should know that to build a country they should be united, they should forget about all the small details that doesn’t matter in rebuilding. These small details are religion, colour, gender, and all the stuff that people fight about and forget that saving the country and it’s heritage lies in the hands of its people.

Why am I saying this, it’s becuase of the state of the new buildings in Iraq. I will not pay my contractor a cent if he or she delivers that low quality work. The airport of Anjaf for example was built be a tasteless contractor, I am not sure of how many people had been involved in that contract, and how much money went under the table, in actual fact it doesn’t matter as even if we ignore the low quality building, and only look at the aesthetics of it, we will know that those that built are people who have no idea about the history of Iraq, nor it’s culture. Nowhere is Zaha Hadid, where is Nizar Makkya? Where is Hala Almadfaei where are Maysaloun, and the other artists of Iraq? Where are the followers of Essam Alsaeed? Where are the people that discovered things that people around the world still use (the septic tank), well, I am sure that all of these people are actually outside Iraq.

Najaf is the capital of Islamic Culture in the year 2012, which means that it will have visitors from around the globe, if I was a resident of that city. I wil be so embarrassed as those visitors will not see what it takes to be a cultural capital? The roads are not done, the airport has hundreds of check points, those that manage it has no knowledge of any other language but Nigerian, Thai or Iraqi? (the Americans insisted that the goverment hires non iraqi’s to run the airport and made the goverment sign a five year contract with a British security company, whilst the holder of a bachelor degree in Economics is a porter carrying my luggage and many like him selling single cigarettes in the streets of Baghdad)

If I am Iraqi, I will be the first person to return to that country to bring out its hidden gems. iraq has so much to show to the world, and it had been under various dictatorships for centuries, it’s high time that we change that and go back to help in rebuilding. Forget about your religios problems Iraqi people, religion is like the colour of your underwear, no one has anything to do with it, don’t fight and kill each other as this is what the Americans and Israel want you to do! At the end of the day it is a question of Economics, you have the oil! And they need that Oil, and they can only have it their way by keep your dreams shattered.

I would say that we all need to wake up to this fact before we see a map of the world that doesn’t have middle east written on it.