I was a pink panther fan, will watch them movies so many times, until I would walk the Telle Savales walk and talk his talk, but then the films became many, and there will be repeats of shots, so it could get boring at times. Of course you will say that this could happen in any sequel, I bet you this never happened in James bond movies, as it never had a repeat, I am a fan there too. It’s amazing how the human brain can create roads and do many different maps and alternatives to normal routes. Give the same situation to 100 people and you will get a 100 or more solutions unless one was cheating of course.  Those that cheat are not idiots, it’s just they couldn’t be bothered to think and write what they are thinking about.  

Anyway, I am sure as always you would want to know why am I writing this preamble! It’s because of the similarities between shooting of the same scene to use in similar movies, and the problems of airlines. Well, I am on Emirates again aren’t I? And as you all know I am an emirates fan despite the repeat of its mishaps, and the umpteen number of problems I always had with them; the loss of bags, the breaking of bags, the bag getting soaked in water, the changing of seats, the never bringing what I ask for, the always having one problem or the other on their planes! However I am staying an Emirates Fan, why? Because I mistakenly think that the money that all of us THE FANS pay to Emirates is more than enough to keep the planes running, pay airports tax and hire great staff that take care of us the clients.  We have been played around with for long,  and I for once will not tolerate the fact that I pay a lot for my flight and receive a meagre treatment. Life has been good for you so far EK but not anymore, the Arab spring wants to change governments, I want to change the airlines, so I will call the new movement “the Aircraft spring, the return of the king” 

I think the Airlines should think twice before mistreating a client.  Say that everyone in this world decided they will not fly today! What is going to happen?  A lot of losses and many airlines will stop functioning.  It is time to reflect Mr and Mrs Airline? You are there to serve us not us begging you to transfer us from A to B.  and whatever the amount we pay, it should be enough to provide us with the best service that you promised us with.  If you mention that we will have 140 movies to watch, I expect that many movies? Not more not less, and a functioning screen.  Most of the times I keep quite about the mishaps, Like changing my seat, separating me and my kids in different seats in different compartments and so on, but today’s is worse.  Let alone that we are on a very long overhaul and one becomes grumpy and want to continue to sleep despite the situations. 

One woman has a leg operation, she was placed in a window seat, I have a prefeence of isle seat, its on my set choices so that at least that they cannot change! The airhostess asks me to switch seats, I told her yes for sure but I want an isle seat, so she goes away. 

One of the TV screens wasn’t working, the person with th broken screen complains, I am unlucky enough to have a free seat next to mine. So they ask me if I am fine to move, I agree, despite the fact that I wanted to spread my legs on the spare seat. 

We land in Bangkok and the crew change, so the new crew come to me and ask for the boarding pass. Of course it’s different, so they give me the red eye! And the accusations of why was I on a different seat.  Now I did warn the previous crew to leave a detailed description of why am I on that seat! They assured me that they will!  They didn’t. So I had to explain, and I am already grumpy after 15 hours flight,   they leave me alone, then the next checker comes by and asks me for the BP and explanation! Anyway this happens 5 times, at the end I lost my temper, flashed the card and said that I am a gold card holder and what is happening is a disgrace, as they are disturbing the pattern that I follow for my trip.  

I know that there is no point to complain, I can assu you that the Customer Complaint Dept at Emirates must be watching the ticket bookings, once they see my name there, they put the red herrings in my way. They love me, and love to hear my complaints, as I send them but never do anything about them? Okay, CC of Emirates, from on, the aircraft spring will follow up and demands that my complaint is compensated with a round the world ticket all expense paid on first class. Or else I will spend my 100k dirhams on a different airline, like air pakistan, where you pay little but expect little too. 

This is a call to all the travellors out there who often have a complaint, just log it as a tweet and let’s count them. 
(no one is hurt I hope)