When I was little I used to go to the roof of our house and watch the sea shores, I still remember that day by day the view is getting smaller and smaller due to the high rises, and reclamation of land, now where my parents house is, you cannot even think of seeing even a mirage, and the sea is so far away from it.

I returned from university in 1976, and started to drive, and almost on a daily basis I would go and set by the beach, on a rock or just on the sand, and watch the waves, collect shells, and write some poetry in my little notebook, I am not sure where that notebook is now, as I had moved to so many places since then, and had misplaced a lot of my writing. However every time I am close to a sea shore I get the same relaxed feeling of being safe, of being in love, and of wealthy. Somehow the stuff inside the sea convert to currency in my brain and words just come out on the paper without me even trying to think of what to write.

We are so Lucky to live by the sea, in actual fact going to the shores is a drive away, and we can always have this rush of words into our brain, like taking vitamins or drinking panadol when having a headache, but, do we all feel that way? Do we all imagine whats it like to be a creature living inside that water? Do you think that these creatures think the same way when they come close to the shores? Do they get the same excitement when they see a ship in the horizon, and do they imagine to be travelers on board that ship? Do they visualize the lives of those travelers? And think of how would they feel once they reach their destination? Do the creatures imagine whats inside the travelers’ suitcases and if they are just traveling for pleasure or business? Or maybe all the sea creatures think about is the waste that the ship will dispose off in their environment and how many of them would die from that waste?

Once I had a dream, that I was by the sea shore and a fish (quite a big one actually) came to me and gave me a huge pearl! Since then I am waiting to see if ever a fish will come out and give me a pearl? Was that dream just a fragment of my imagination, or did it mean something?. Maybe it meant that I will one day write a story that will involve the sea, it’s living creatures and mixing that with our lives some sort of “Finding Nimo” or “the little mermaid”, but more into Shakespeare and his writing and imagining if sea life have a Shakespeare like character?

At the end, one needs to run away from the sea and into air conditioning, as it a very hot day to visualize life as it should be.