Rashed is ten months this month and we are all very happy to see an independent young man who is not very naughty and eats well as well as being so active. He only says mum, bub and sometimes dada or some gibiresh that we cannot understand. However this boy had had ten birthday cakes so far, one for each month. So on the ninth of April he will get to rummage through the eleventh cake and then of course the big day when we all celebrate his real one year birthday. 

I feel we should all do this (frankly I have no idea where my daughter and my son in law had came up with this idea). I will tell you why:

1. It’s an excuse to eat cake every month

2. It’s a good way to gather a lot of friends around . 

3. At the end of each month we can jot down the good stuff that we did and try to overcome our difficulty and fulfil our plans.

4. It can be your cheat day if you are dieting 

5. You can try every cake that every cake shop has over the twelve months 

6. It’s time for taking good pictures and you can compare if you put on weight or not. 

7. If not worth it then just do it and use the candle as your meditation light 

Good luck with your cake eating and celebrations. I will leave you with more pictures of my grandson: