Its Sunday 8:16 PM in Dubai, and its Monday 4:16 AM in New Zealand, but its still early afternoon in Canada. Why I am suddenly interested in time? Well, today while driving I glanced at my hands, and noticed the wrinkles that have accumulated on them, and the blemishes, and thought that its too early to have them as I am only 56? and then a thought came to my mind, 56 is in the Gregorian calendar that depends on the sun, but in the Luna calendar i must be much older as each year in the Luna calendar is shorter by ten days, so I am older in the Luna calendar by 560 days, that is almost 2 years, which makes me 58, so wrinkles on the hand are explainable now.  Also If I was living in New Zealand I will be a day older, and had I been living in Canada I will be half a day younger? age could also be argued in terms of minutes, once I heard a woman saying that she is half an hour from being 50, what the hell!!

Why are we hung up on age? Does age matter? Why don’t we count our age by the number of achievements and blessings in our life? Can we not say that our life is a book, and the number of pages in the book resemble the life that we lived, and the stuff that we did.  We can be in chapter two of our life, as chapter one was education, and chapter two is working, and so on.

I look at my kids, and see my son (who is 28, married and the wife is expecting a baby in 5 months), my daughter (who is 24, and to be engaged on Friday) and the little one who is movie-holic just like me preparing the film and the munchies so we can watch it together while the others are wrapping the gifts for Friday’s party, I also visualise next year when maybe I will be have the little one is pulling the wire off my laptop and playing with my Ipad, at the same time I am thinking does time matter? is it us that over emphasise time? Or is time something that people use as an excuse to avoid doing something or pretend that they have not time to do something?

Us the human beings are wonderful creatures, we do not focus, we procrastinate, we buy lots of watches (other than the ones that were stolen I have 32 watches, some are old so I don’t wear them but still keep them in case the style is back in vogue) so we keep the time, but we always miss our appointments (I overslept this morning and reached my appointment 2 hours late), we make it to the airport late but get upset when the flights are delayed, we hate it when people are late for their appointments, and we have two different times (an Arab time and an English time). so we do seem to have a different opinion about time anyway, when it’s in our favour we get happy but we cry when we lose it.

I decided to focus on the time remaining.