It is very hard to see ones family, relatives and friends disappear one after the other, taken away by death before one has the chance to say goodbye, convey best wishes and show the love and affection one holds for them.  I am not against death as all of us will die, but I am devastated that I havent completely  told each person that I lost what I really thought of him or her and what they had added to my life.  

When one says that life is too short! we laugh but truely life is too short to be taken lightly and to spend it in hating one another or ignoring one another;  we must say what we want as soon as the want  comes to our mind. We must say what we think without hesitation and we mustn’t let anyone stands in the way of our thoughts or stop us from seeing our friends even if the friends were not that friendly to them. 

Unfortunately though we live in a time that politics and friction is the norm but friendship and sisterhood is a way of the past.  We cannot say that we like this person or that person in front of anyone in the fear that that person may hold some strong feelings against them. We cannot be seen with some people because there migh be some factors that will make other people judge us and in turn hate us.

Politics and religion have changed everybody,   these two subjects were created to spread peace, but in realty haterdism was created and life  became intolerable.

Should we just set down In the park of life, watch our loved ones fall like leaves from the trees and hide our sorrows?  or should we expose our feelings without fear of being judged?

I think that I will do the second choice. I will show my feelings and if anyone hates me for it then so be it.

This blog is dedicated to my university friend and the person who taught me that silence is virtue Ms Samiha Rajab who died at the age of 57.  Samiha is a dedicated mother, a teacher and an artist. She spent her life searching for something which she couldn’t find and died fighting cancer.  God bless her soul.