Okay, go ahead say it!! I see lots of movies so when do I have time to work, write, entertain and spend time with my family?  Don’t even go there, I don’t have time for all of this, time is made, created and abused. I abuse my time, try to squeeze in all the things that I like to do including a game or two of Solitaire when I am not able to sleep.

Nice movie, I often like this actress, her acting in Morning Glory was splendid, she is promising. I think she is like Hillary Swank in some ways, as you feel that she has conviction to her job, and tries hard to make it look real,  nothing like Sandra Bulluk and Julia Roberts of course, these two don’t act, they live the role as if it real.  Something all actors must learn to do.  

The Vow sounded like the movie love story, but one cannot see the passion that we had felt when we watched love story, that was a real classic ( in actual fact I can visualise the story right now) and of course nothing like gone with the wind and Farewell arms, these guys are not born every day.

Having said all of that, I think every once in a while the producers should remind us that there is LOVE in this world, even if the actors cannot emit that light and cannot show the spark; our life is full of dramatic events, Arab Spring, demonstrations, diseases, earthquakes, tsunami, and a lot of every thing that is not nice, so having to go to the cinema and watch a thriller, a horror movie or a SCI FI maybe ok, but not all the time.  We need to be reminded that love and marriage is the key to having a great life, the basic ingredient is so important and its the only one that will make us absorb all life’s problems and unexpected events like a sponge. There are times when the sponge will be full, so a movie that shows a relationship that has to stay is a good sign. I must look up the producer’s name to thanks him