Dont you all wish sometimes that you are a different person with a different nationality? I dont mean to insult my western friends, so apologies in advance if this will sound demeaning to you western boys and girls.

Day before yesterday I was waiting for my group in a hotel, so (as my usual self) I started chatting with the girl who was in the lobby, and asked her what she is doing here, she said that they are flown all the way from USA to provide technological and scientific programmes for the kids during Ramadan. A programme that starts at 9 PM and goes on till 1 AM. Of course two things came to my mind straight away, kids should not be up that late, even if its Ramadan, and second thing why bring a group for a month and host them at a 5 star hotel to provide this sort of entertainment to our kids? When there are thousands of companies that were established by people like me and other men and women who borrowed money and risked their lives to provide for the country? I haven’t seen that programme tendered at all? And to just bring a group for it from overseas is not acceptable at all. Then this morning in another country and another setting, I hear that they would pay for the foreigners fully if they are giving a service to them. And I have been providing a service to this place since 8 years and no talk happened about any payment. All work that I did was for charity I guess?

And later on in the day my other western friend told me that she had sent her bill to the group she brought to my office to pick my brain but they didn’t pay her yet! And all these years I have been booking appointments for people, taking them there and letting people pick my brain for a bill that has a ZERO amount.

Which brings me to this discussion: either that I should change my look and my accent (maybe) to make others feel that I am a westerner (probably remove the shaila too) , hire a westerner to go for the meetings ( which I cannot afford) or quit what I am doing? As no matter how hard one works, and how sincere the work is, no one will value what one does and what one can provide unless you look different.

Good morning everybody, in actual fact, I just woke up and have a change of heart now, maybe I dont want to publish this blog, as it would show weakness in me that doesn’t actually exist. I told myself last night that maybe I should only work with individuals and forget about the governors as I am not sure how they think, or who advises them. For example my friend last night was asking why not have a local there do the job of this other person who is not a local (forgive me for being vague a bit, this is in a foreign land where an entrepreneur is hired rather than jetting a local person from here, totally agrees with my first paragraph) so I said that someone must have done a cost/ benefit analysis and found out that if they did that, the cost to them is triple, and this place that I am talking about apparently has very strong auditors who know what are they doing. They must be giving a sound advice to the governors. But in the mean time this same place spends millions on buildings and staff to do a job that we do for them without costing them anything at all? Weird I guess? I cannot see the reason behind this really, so if one of you understood what i am trying to achieve here and knows a bit of background then please help?