As you can imagine my stress level is gone to the maximum, and what made it so is the sight of blocked roads and traffic jams leading to the hotel from all directions of Bahrain;

Unlike Dubai, Manama never gets traffic jams, nor do you need to keep an hour or more to reach your destination, and having lived in both cities, I was not prepared for this. Thus I cancelled my trip to the hotel to do the final checks on the hall and drop some stuff to the bride, turned around and dialed 999. They answered me quickly enough, and I told them about our wedding, and about the roads leading to the venue, the guy was so charming, didn’t tell me to cancel the wedding as he can tell I was driving and would hit the roof!! and talking on the phone. He calmed me down and said that he will do what he can to clear the roads. As I reached home, I couldn’t resist writing this down, to make sure that it will remind me when we have our next wedding, yep, my daughter is now engaged too, and we will soon be planning the wedding. My temptation is to have a very small family gathering that costs nothing, and each person brings a plate which will make it very nice and relaxing. However, reality is, she would want a bigger wedding than the one her brother is going to have. So cancel the pot luck thought, and lets have a plan B, ok, lets have it in another country were traffic jams and political unrest is not on the agenda.

Too far from reality of course, as you all can see the whole area is boiling while life is going on as usual for many people. My friends that arrived yesterday to the wedding and those that arrived this morning are fine, they entered without any distraction from the airport people, but my daughter’s friend who is a lawyer, was detained and put on the next plane back to Dubai. Wonder why?

I am not going to go to a hair dresser, or a makeup artist, no time for that! due to the unrest everyone is planning to have, those opposing and those with are all gathering in various places and we are stuck in between. I think there should be special planning for those that have functions, like renting of helicopters or Aladdin’s carpet or something of that sort, or maybe we can read that verse that takes you to a place without leaving your seat in a flash of a second. In times of unrest we need to have our thinking hats on, to do anything that will make us avoid losses. like the loss the friend had made on her ticket? she had a visa by the way, and the wedding invitation card to. Some weird things are happening, and we don’t know who is to blame here.

Anyway, if you guys have suggestions for our next wedding, please go ahead and tell me, the hour in traffic jam had eaten part of my thinking side of the brain.

Wish us all luck for tonight, and happy wedding to all those that are marrying today, including my son Jihad and my pretty bride Zainab.