I had few cups of tea last night, plus I envied myself for my ability to sleep even if there is a storm, so I couldn’t sleep more than an hour, what is the best way to have fun at night than to blog?? I am sure you will all agree with me.

Some of the things that where going through my mind is these lists of “what IFs”, I started to wonder about many things that happened to me since the start of my life, and wondered what would have happened if ?

1- What would have happened if I was not the first child to my parents? would I be what I am now?

2- What would have happened if I fell of that boat in the middle of the night and my aunt didn’t wake up and save me. Food for the sharks I would have been!

3- What if I never left Bahrain for my studies? would I be the same person that is me now?

4- What if I never met my husband? who would be my husband? would I get married at all? or be like my other friends who are not married till now?

5- What if I went to France to do my phd by grabbing that scholarship opportunity? and why did I listen to my father and my brother when they said no?

6- What would have happened if I choose another country to live in instead of Dubai? I cannot see myself in another country, but I wonder. 

7- What if I stayed in London when I went there to do my specialization? would I had liked the life there and what would I had done?

8- What if we never went to New Zealand? would I have learnt the really great life style that was accustomed to when i was there?

9- What if I never left Dubal? they were a great employer and many opportunities could have arisen out of that job.

10-What if I stayed in New Zealand and never came back? would I have bought that farm and did my dream cafe?

11- What if I never started this business? would I still be a teacher at the higher colleges?

12- What if Arab spring didn’t happen would my son had found his wife and my daughter had found her husband? would they had moved to Bahrain?

13- What if I never sold my house? would I be living in it? I really loved that house.  (here though I must say that I love my current house too)

14- What will happen if I retire? would I be writing or just having fun with my grandkids?

Of course there were many more “what ifs” , but these here are the ones that came to my mind when I couldn’t sleep.  I did my prayers, went later for a walk, did some exercise, put my headphones on, and listened to Surat Yousef which calmed me down. Sudenly I opened my eyes and its 9:30. 

Good morning everyone.