I never believed in these things, as I always thought that I can manage my life without anyone’s interruptions, however sometimes it feels like the whole world is crumpling around you and you want to know if you are doing the right thing or just make a corrective action.  In actual fact one doesn’t need a corrective action, one requires an action that will change one’s life for the best.  So when my friend suggested to go to this self enlightenment course, I couldn’t say no, I registered straight away.

So anyway, the first assignment that we must provide prior to starting is to write an essay about oneself; I tell you guys, I found that so difficult, I wrote that I am a mother, a grandmother, owner of a company and the list goes on. The trouble is I had to write three pages of stuff about me!  so I didn’t know where to stop and didn’t know whether what I wrote is enough to describe myself.  Well, it was astonishing when we started the course and the instructor put down a description of who we really are! well, I didn’t get it until the third day.  What she wanted us to write is who we are internally and not what you are in front of the world.  Internally means our thoughts, our beliefs, our brain, our bodies, and our souls.  So not a mother and an owner, but a person that loves oneself and hence will love the world, a person who is pretty from the inside hence will see the whole world as pretty, a person that will cherish every moment of every day as these moment are not eternal.


I learnt that the soul or my inner self should worship as it its my last 24 hours in this world, and plan as if I will be living for a 100 years or more.  This has been my plan of course, but I just didn’t know how to express it, and my course of soul searching put it in the forefront.


I think everybody is entitled to know that we must distinguish what we do or have from what we are really made of.  Our brain is the controller of our body, our body is what help us do what we do, and our soul is the instigator.  It makes us feel what we feel, it nags at us to do good stuff or bad stuff, it tells us to be scared, or to be strong, and much more.  The soul is responsible for all the grief that people go through as well as the happiness.  However what I found out, that we can train ourselves to always think of the best and dismiss those nagging inner thoughts.  Remember it is all in the training;  so wake up every morning and tell yourself that you are the prettiest, cleverest, strongest, wealthiest, happiest, most organised, etc etc and repeat it with absolute conviction, and believe me all of this will happen.  If you want something to happen to you, write it down and decide on it, and that should happen.  its something like your new year resolution, except that this one has to have grander stuff about yourself.


I promise myself to do only this, say it in the morning and live it during the day, dream it at night.  i will keep you posted this time next year to tell you how is it going, and whether i am the prettiest, cleverest, strongest, wealthiest, happiest, most organised, etc etc.


Watch this space and happy reading.