Thirty two years ago two people who were madly in love got married, life was a struggle, not with the money and earning, as this was abundant! not with shelter, as this was available all the time! not with cars, as they had two cars all the time, and sometime three! not with travelling as the woman liked to travel and the man didn’t!  not with Children as they had a few! not with family as their family loved them dearly! not with friends as they had lots and lots of friends! jobs were great, and life was fantastic, however there was something strange going on.

What made this woman think of this is a movie she had watched called Dinner with friends, two couples were best of friends and were spending most of their time together, suddenly and out of no where one of the couples split up, the husband was to be blamed as he was the one who found himself a mistress out of wedlock. Of course everybody was against him, and felt for the wife. At the end of the movie it seemed obvious that the wife was the reason for the split-up  However as they said, no one knows what happens between the husband and wife except the husband and wife.

It was obvious from the start that both husband and wife possessed strong personalities, and were very unambitious  However the faster the woman reached the top, the more trouble their marriage had faced. Ego was very much in control here. The husband started to fight over the simplest of things and was upset if the woman wanted to do things even if it was buying a different type of grocery item, or a new type of cheese.  It was evident that he was not going to make life easy for the wife, so instead of trying to raise his level of education and hence his income, he spent his time and energy on scheming to hurt his wife in every way he could. If he didn’t find a reason to fight, he will create that reason, or make up a reason from his own imaginations.  Creating reasons for fights made life intolerable, but more than that made him become paranoid about his own abilities, his kids’ and of course the wife’s. She on the other hand continued to advance herself, oblivious to the fact that he is getting sicker and sicker, and was attributing his anger fits to the fact that she is not spending much time with him, is always working late and is out all the time.

Sometimes the woman felt that his mind is going round like a merry go round, and a figment of his imagination is amplified in his brain to become a story he will dwell on forever.  Many a times he will erupt higher than a volcano and utter vehement words of things the woman hadn’t done, but his brain will make up the stories and make him believe that they were true.  Not sure if you saw Peter Pan? what was happening in their house was a Sad thought instead of the happy thoughts of Peter.  The woman always wished him well, and sent him her good thoughts; life was difficult as it is, without having trouble that came from no where.

She asked me if she has to leave him? I said: why? if you had lived for 32 years with him, why should you leave now?

What do you think?