Yesterday was spent with a lovely woman, I reached her house at 5 and left just after ten in the evening but our discussions and dialogue was out of this world. The woman is over 80 years old but her soul is younger than mine and I felt like staying with her forever!  I wish her the best of health. 

And today brought me many surprises. I opened my LinkedIn account to see an email from my cousin linking me to a dear friend that I haven’t seen or heard from for almost fourty years. I was stunned and we called and talked and then talked more on whatsapp and email and seen each other’s lives on social media. The good part is we both have something in common which is our love for art. So when we meet and that would be very soon we will have a lot to talk about. 

Also in the evening I spoke to a colleague that I haven’t seen for ages. And his wife was a great friend so we also spoke a lot about our kids and grandkids. A day well spent which makes me love my life