Woke up late with pains all over my body, my shoulder was stuck and my palms were numb. Then I find out that I don’t have toothpaste, so I showered, brushed without toothpaste, came down for breakfast and the girl from the office calls to say that the internet is out, I knew that was going to happen one day, as I had forgotten the login and password. So instead of having breakfast and my usual tablets, I decided I will try again. So I  open the page, put the account code, hit forgotten password, and wait, but nothing happens, I don’t recieve the email with the password. I try again, and wait and the same happens. I realise after few minutes that an email goes to the office email, which is not dowloading becauase they have NO INTERNET.  Well, I sorted the matter out by phone afterwards of course, I gave a peice of my mind to the customer care guy who probably didn’t even had his breakfast and the poor soul had to endure my temper.

Shouldn’t these companies think? I wonder

Well off late I am not focusing at all, and keep on thinking of what the other companies do and criticize them in my mind, so that sort of distracts the hell of my brain and make me lose control. I am not the type who can afford losing control,  am a control freak, a big one.  Today my real new year resolution will take effect! I will not bother with “why are they doing it this way” or “why are they giving me a hard time” or “what the hell is wrong with this driver” “who is going to take care of that” and all those sort of questions that pop in your brain just to make you avoid the real work. I will focus instead on how I can do better and how my work can be delivered to the public so no one will be distracted when they come to my office.

good luck with that, and there is more where this came from.