To all the mothers, and to all the fathers: The last trip of mine to New Zealand was a real eye opener, I now see my children with new light, the changes in them, the extra responsibility and the love for new knowledge is immense. I found that they learnt so much just for being out and away from us the parents.  Also parents, allow your kids to spend as they also learn from that.  For example my daughter took me to so many restaurants, and ordered meals for me that I would never have even dreamt of ordering them from their names, but because she had tried the entire menu – she made up her mind on what is nice to have and what is a must have. [And believe me all of the items consumed where really good!]

Shopping! My god, these little ones really know what to buy and from whom to buy. I on the other hand is stuck to my old school of buying from the known, tried and tested. They will buy what looks good and what will last for a long time, and what doesn’t need to be ironed, also they will buy lots of each item of clothing, not because they love to have more, but because all of these items will last them for a long time, think about it, you wear one item say once a month, so why wash it?

Maybe they will pass in their studies, maybe they will not, at the end of the day, life experiences and the willingness to take care of themselves is what they will master so why prevent them from having this experience? I think we owe this to our kids, and we must do it, no matter how much we love them, it’s important to make them live on their own for a while, I call it the school of life. So at the end of their four years of study, they get two certificates, rather than one only when they study close to home.

Let them spend your money, at the end of the day why are we working so hard? To be enablers for our kids to try new experiences
I hope you will all agree with me and provide me with your experiences too.