Today is my turn to be thankful. I am thankful of being healthy, I am thankful of having nice kids, and a lovely husband who loves me, I am thankful of having my sisters and my brother who adore me, I am thankful for having a mum like mine who is always there supporting me, I was thankful and still am for my dad (PBUH) who raised me to possess strong morals and strong love for education, I am thankful for my team at work who are helping make Education Zone one of the best study abroad companies in the gulf, I am thankful for being able to write, I am thankful for being so knowledgeable in Technology, I am thankful for having this circle of friends who care about me and support me in times of need, I am thankful for having such wonderful daughter and son in law who are making my son and daughter happy, I am extremely thankful for God and all the great stuff that I have around me.

I am thankful for having a roof over my head, I am thankful for living in Green community that has such lush greenery and a great swimming pool, I am thankful for being able to support people in need and I am thankful for being able to have streams of thoughts in my head at any time of the day.  I am thankful that I can pull myself up when I fall, and feel so auspicious when I need to.

Why am I thankful? I visited a family today, who had a great loss, two of their children died in a fatal accident, the mother is on a wheel chair and the father had many fractures but he is fine now.  The woman is so positive, still works full time, has extensive physiotherapy sessions and still waiting for the operation that will correct her damaged spinal cord. She also started a business from home and the stuff she makes are so delicious and healthy.  People like this amaze me, as even though they had a sad incident, they are able to pull themselves together, rise from their trouble and emerge into stronger people who compel you to raise your hats off to greet them.  These are the type we should meet everyday as they make us think of our stupidity and negativity and try to remove it from our silly heads. 

My sisters always tease me as I am a frequent goer to weddings and funerals, also I love visiting sick people, they wonder why I do this.  I love weddings as they are a sign of harmony and love. I go to funerals as the family of the deceased person need us to be with them in times like this, and visiting the sick provide them with a shot of positivity especially if we go to them and crack jokes and spread our warmth.

Please blog readers, do this for my sake and try to make someone happy.