Do you know what exactly I think? I think it is too late for the government in Bahrain to save the situation? Why? Ask my why?
For years people and agencies and other groups were crying for help to remove poverty from Bahrain, no one was listening, and those that listened said it is not true, that there is no poverty in Bahrain. Were we kidding ourselves? Of course there is poverty, my aunt for example lived in Belad alqadeep, we used to visit her in her 52 meters house that had her, her children, her in-laws, and her brothers’ and sisters’ in-law with their wives/husbands and kids. The house is split into various areas as her father law had a brother who had two wives, and he too lived in that house. So when we visited to my aunt, we had so much fun as we play in the mud, and visited the various water streams that were there (disappeared now), fished the little fish and took frogs back home with u; we got paid by the farmers to fertilise the tomato farms, as there were no toilets in the house. We loved those 5 cents that the farmers paid us. Anyway, go today and you will still see the house standing there, my aunt had since died (I bet from suffocation) and the kids grew up and moved away but the village is still the same. Those who said that there is no poverty in Bahrain should be ashamed, I think people were blind, for them not to see this is a crime.
Now what does poverty provide? It provides gullible minds, beside the thieves, the whores, the cheats, the list can go on, but I am going to stop here; poverty makes you run for your life and try to earn as much possible from those 5 cents, just to be able to survive. No time for proper education, and we all know, if there is no education there will be no progress. I would hate to say that the minds could be filled with all sorts of rubbish, a piece of this rubbish is to believe that anyone who tells me that I will set you free and provide for you.

So if we take those at the roundabout as a statistics and say that of the 100% that are there, 80% of them are people crying to have a LIFE, 15% are those that have nothing to do so they are wasting their time there, and 5% are those politicians who want the chair, and have already filled the void in the 80% minds, about what they can do for them in the future.

Thus, what dialogue is going to succeed? Not a single dialogue. So i guess what we need now, is one of those 80% is to wake up and say: oh my god, do I really want someone who is a religious guy, or a leftist or a rightist or whatever crap that is there out of the 5% to represent me? No. I am actually one of those 80%,Ii dont want anyone with a prior agenda to represent me. I can talk for myself, so if there is a real intention of solving my problem, and the problem of the other 80% of the people in the roundabout, then i welcome it. But i dont want the government to start accusing the whole of the roundabout, or hooligans to start bashing people with their cars, or tanks that goes over them to re-create what happened in Egypt, it is not a good scene.
I just listened to a journalist called Fajr Al-Saeed from Kuwait debating with two influential journalists in Bahrain, she said something that I think was masked from the eyes of everyone. She said that she had asked what someone wanted from this protests. The person apparently had told her that the beach is no longer there, and that the government had reclaimed the whole sea shore. Now i am not sure how true is this? But when I was young and living in Bahrain I used to take my diary and go and set in an area near the old bridge to Muharraq and write my then so called poetry. I had forgotten about that book ages ago, but I will never forget how the sunset used to make me feel ( I dont want to say that in those days I was madly in love with my husband and I am still am, that is why I used to write poetry, and stopped when I got married, guess what, marriage kills all artistic instincts guys). So the poor people had the water streams, (had disappeared) and the beaches (had disappeared too) now they have nothing. And a life without a place that makes the mind wonders is a life with nothing to lose, hence the protests. Please do not let the void in those poor people’s brains gets filled with nonsense, and let us the most informed people to save the situation.

Last but not least. I would love it if the journalists would actually do a real journalism and confirm that my statics above is correct. Is the 80% having a political agenda? Or are looking for a better life?