I had forgotten how much fun we used to have when we used to travel either with friends or with the kids; with friends we had a different experience, as adults want to see different things, but kids are a different kettle of fish altogether, the things that they notice are totally out of our visual zones, it must be because we are taller or we get sucked in the day to day thoughts and allow ourselves to indulge in trivial stuff rather than look at the important touristic stuff.

Its Sunday, my friend and I decided to do the touristic thingy with the kids, so we went to the Cadbury factory first, it was great, we forgot that we were adults so we ate all the chocolate that they gave us, plus answered the questions, and got even more chocolates, and at the end we had melted chocolate in little paper cups and a spoon, I had three of those without thinking of my waistline (now I know why it is called waistline, its were all the waste get stored and hence the big stomachs!!. When the tour ended we bought more chocolates and left.

The second stop was the botanic gardens, the usual of course: rose garden, cactus garden, duck garden, shrub garden, you name it garden. That was ok, the funny thing is what the kids do in those gardens. Well, apart from the photographs and the pauses, its the secretly cutting those flowery things and shoving them in my bag, the annoying of the sleepy ducks by pushing them and shoving them in the lake, the running with a screaming voice when a bee comes close, and last but not least “I am hungry mum, lets eat something” of course the last statement was not said this time by the kids, it was my friend who wanted to eat something as we had breakfast only three hours earlier, and she was hungry already.

Then we went to the old railway station which is now a place just to wonder in, that had an art Gallery too, we took photos and admired the old mosaic on the floor of the old building. We walked around the Octagon and returned home. The other day we also went to the Peninsula and enjoyed looking at the fish and various sea species and the marine centre.

Why am I writing this? well, just to remind myself how old I grew and how I had forgotten the fun things we used to do when we were younger. This did wonders to my spirits, it revived my brain and made me come home fresh to write you this blog. life is full of surprises, and has lots to offer, we just have to find out the things that make us tick and thank god that we are alive.
Here are some photos: