Well, I said it last time, and I will say it again.  I should not be trusted in booking flights or hotels or even full itineraries, as I get so distracted and may book in the wrong days, wrong flights and wrong hotels.  So for this trip to USA I tried to be smart and let my friend (who happened to travel to the same destination and at the same time) to book my flights with hers.  Omm, did this work out well?  If it was, I wouldn’t be writing this blog would I now??
So she booked us the international flight, which went really well, and we had our two days’ vacation in New York.   New York was so much fun; we did all the stuff we wanted to do, went to the Guggenheim, the Met, did some shopping, walked to the Hudson river, central park, went through the snow storm, and last but not least ate in a Turkish restaurants. These Turks make great meals especially for people like us who like spicy and meaty dishes. 
Then she booked the domestic flights, the first leg went well, apart from misspelling her name and mine, but hers was easy to detect so they returned her to the check in desk, while mine was not that evident, so I passed through, we almost lost our flight knowing the queues in JFK airport.  At the end we got in almost on the dot. And we landed in Miami.
The taxi driver cheated her and returned to her 30 dollars instead of 70 dollars. But that was really the only mishap we had in Miami. I did my conference and we went to Orlando, had our trip and all was good.  We then returned back to Miami for me just to stay the night as I have to leave the next day back to Dubai, and she stays with her friends and continue her vacation.
Nothing seems to be very strange so far, as we had discovered at New York’s airport that my flight back goes to another airport, and I have to take a cab or the shuttle, and may end up losing my flight as its very tight.  So the check in person advised to buy a ticket there and then for 339 dollars, or go to the airport early in Mia and ask to change the flight as sometimes they do that, and charge only 50 dollars.  Being mean, I decided to take the second option.  I tried to ring http://www.cheaptickets.com/  no one replied hence being called cheap tickets.
I arrived to the airport as promised, had to pay 369 dollars for changing my tickets, 60 dollars for the luggage, and I was stranded at Miami airport as New York has a snow blizzard and all the flights are delayed. We don’t know when we will be flying, but the weather is nice the sun is shining and I love Miami.  
Once we reached JFK all was great, but then our flight was also delayed, so we reached Dubai few hours late, and guess what!!! my luggage didn’t arrive, I think it loved the weather in NY!
 after saying all of this, I will still say that I love traveling, and will do it over and over again.