I am 56 years old, ok I know thats a revelation I guess, as as long as I remember I have spent a lot of my time travelling. I am not complaining, don’t take me wrong, I love traveling and love the experience that comes with it (like my companion just admired my glasses, and asked me where I got them from and how much etc) which you don’t necessarily encounter if you are doing your dad to day chores.  Sometimes I don’t say a word the whole day, especially when my husband is watching his football match and will not allow us to say anytng!  Of course that too is great as I can focus on my work, and finish most of my pending work.

As I said travelling have been my way of life, my kids are happy about it too; last friday we all gathered and my son took out the photo albums, remembering our trips to Paris, Stalkholm, Amsterdam, Turkey, Singapore etc. they couldn’t believe how they changes, and how my own fashion changed too.  They laughed at one of my suits, and thought that I was wearing a curtain.  They remembered the tuna salad they had on the train to Amesterdam from Paris (how can they remeber this?) I think this is one thing that I am proud about, I mean introducing the kids to travel.  

However travelling for leisure is different to travelling for business.  If its a holiday, then your plans are focused on which museum to see and where to have lunch? And whether you would want to take the bus or the metro; even your suitcase has casual stuff only making space for the things one would buy from the shops there. But if you are going for business, one needs to focus on the suits, the shoes, the details of the appointments and so on.  There is no luxury for sightseeing or shopping, one is lucky to have time for a nice dinner with music or a piano player (I hate them by the way, what a waste, to work your way up the ladder of music school and ending in a hotel lobby is not what I think I would want to do or would let any of my kids end up doing that, unless of course it’s their pass time hobby).  Also one has to have enough time to go to the various meetings, as one doesn’t know where everything is.  Last time I was in Qatar the taxi driver didn’t know where the building is, and I was late for my meeting, which was so embarrassing as it was with a high ranking individual! 

Ok, now  I am on the plane, forgotten to charge my iPad, so I have to hurry up in writing this blog before the battery drains out. 

I am sure I will have lots to say when I return from this week long trip. See you then.