I have seen many bridges during my travels, but what I saw today was extraordinary and made me believe that Turkey is a worthwhile country to visit even twice a year. The scenery is fantastic, the cleanliness is apparent, the people have become so friendly as they must have realized that tourism is something that mustn’t be sneezed at. Also don’t forget the food, when we go to a European country we have to eat vegetarian food the whole time unless we find a restaurant that serves halal food, for example once in Amsterdam we stayed for over 10 days having vegetarian pizza and fish, and one day while we were walking around hopelessly we spotted an Asian restaurant, my husband and I ran to it, and before we were even seated, we ordered all the food dishes that has meat and chicken, i think the owners has a ball that day, as we we had in front of us food enough for an army.  In Turkey, you get the best of both worlds, history as well as food to savour without being scared that it is not Halal.

Anyway, Galata bridge is a wonder by itself, you seen either side of the bridge nice mosques, lovely historic buildings, and much more.  You get to buy stuff that are not on sale in Grand Bazaar, stuff that are actually being made by old Turkish women, and little kids, i bought these cute socks made by an old lady, for my future grandson, and to prepare him for the potty, i bought him this cartoon printed toilette seat made especially for children. all of this for few coins.

Most importantly though, you will see the amateur fishermen fish, and you will see people selling fish sandwich on stalls for 5 liras as will as smaller makeshift restaurants that sell fried or grilled fish bought from the fish market or fish sellers and you will see the posh restaurants under the bridge! You have an expensive meal, in a 5 star restaurant while enjoying the scenery and at the same time talking to the waiters and buying stuff from passing sellers, like flours and knickknacks. I thoroughly enjoyed my day today the atmosphere and the company of my daughters, my sister and my friend made me forget that I haven’t been able to download my emails nor was I able to do any work, but then again, this is my holiday isn’t it? Here are some photos to have a look at and decide for yourself if it’s worth going there or not.