That was certainly an experience worth noting, from the check in to the lounge all the way to my destination Virgin had proved to be one of my new favorite airlines. i have been using Emirates since its start, but for the last few times things happened that made me rethink my loyalty, for example, my luggage, wither the suitcase is damaged or lost, and no regrets from their side either. Thus I ventured out into new airlines. Tap was lousy, British airways is worst, so Virgin was the next carrier to try.

They have their own passport control!! Their own huge club house! That has a deli, a restaurant, a play area for children, a Spa, and of course a huge business centre. The internet was fast and the staff were lovely; I must add that this was my first experience with this flight, I don’t think it will be my last one.

Once we rode into the plane I sensed the difference straight away; to begin with, the seats were not placed in the regular positions, and the night pack was made of cloth, they gave us a Pyjama each and asked us if we would like dinner or not! I asked for my hot chocolate (when it came it had marshmallows and few little bars of chocolates with it) the best I had after that tremendous cup of hot chocolate I tried with my daughter at Harrods few years ago. She insisted to go their for the hot chocolate only, so we went after we completed Madame Tussauds tour, I was stunned how it was her first time at that store and she knew the ins and outs of it! I love you kids of this day and age.

I did some emails, read a chapter from my novel and went to wash my face prior to sleeping. After changing into my new pyjamas I came to find my bed was done! Lovely, I thought, so I put the lights off and wore that eye mask. When I woke up it was already time to have a quick Breakfast and go home. I made sure to take the New Pyjamas with me to show and tell with my daughter! Something else to brag about before the euphoria of this short and strange holiday ebbed away.

On my way home now to shower, change and go to work, I feel that the past few days were different but lovely. I will let you know about my day with the coffee cups tomorrow