I am totally wrong, I always thought that with the help of people or money one can do anything one wants. Well, maybe this is true, but not in every facet of life.

Why am I saying this all of a sudden? I would love you to guess, but I cannot wait to find out, so I must tell you 🙂

At last I watched Steve Jobs movie, if I said I loved it, then this will be the understatement of the century. Even though I read the book, and I followed every new thing he created, hated it when they took his company off him, bla bla bla,  the movie this time proved that a movie can be better than the book.  I loved him before but I am loving him even more now, not him as a person, because he is dead, but becasue of what he represented.  The Vision that he had and what he wanted to give to humanity is something so rare and is similar to what the scintists do, create something without having an agenda of making money out of it.  They money will come, but the reason for creatng that thing is to help humanity to prosper and make life easier for them. 

If this vision is in everybody’s mind, our world will be a better place to live in. If we all had vision, we will not have wars, and the only thing humanity will quarrel about is who is going to provide better things for our future generations, not who is going to conquer the under privileged countries.  

I think we must teach kids in schools of how to form a vision, I think vision should be the subject of talk shows and we should have a “Vision Idol Show” that can be franchised to all the countries (similar to Voice or American Idols or American Got Talent)

What do you think guys?