The hills that surrounds Musandam (it belongs to Oman but nestled inside the UAE) was such an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The place has about 40000 people but one can multiply this figure by a 100 to make up the number of visitors every year.

imageThe place is made up of many bays surrounded by rocky hills that has the most interesting rock formation. With many little villages that one can only get to them by boats. Most of these villages will have twenty or less houses mainly for fishermen who stay there for the fishing months (around 8 months in the year). And will go back to live in the city for the breeding months.

There was the telegraph island that had one person living in it from 1864. It was used by the British military to send telegrams to india and Britain. What a place they had chosen for such a task. Well my phone didn’t work here so I was wondering how those telegrams had reached the British intelligence at that time.


Oh I saw the Dolphins close up and I took some pictures for them. I loved the way they were chasing our boat. As if they were racing a marathon. Very playful indeed.

The town didn’t have much apart from some restaurants, few small dairies, a supermarket and no coffee shops. One would think with so many visitors they should have some souvenir shops and much more eating areas than this.

We also visited the fort which was converted into a museum, and that was a real gem as most of the history of the town was anecdoted there and lots of great jewels and letters that are worth reading are kept safe in it.


The roads to get to Masandum were whirling between the sea and the mountains. Even though it was a lovely drive. But we could have taken the ferry or the airplane. But I prefer the car as one is mobile.

imageAnd no I didn’t swim, come on people it was 30 meters deep, what did you think I am a Dolphin?