For the past few days I have been waking up so early, to the extent that it is worrying me? I am not the type who goes to bed early, normally I retire about 12, and then read before going to sleep or just stare at my IPad, for few seconds and poof I am fast asleep. And then many people also have a siesta in the afternoon, in my case I continue to work throughout the day; so having only few hours of sleep is not a joke. So i am thinking of the reasons here. I think it is because don’t have a night guard on! (I chewed a few of them) so while i was sleeping i am worried that I will break my remaining teeth!! Please dont laugh, my trips to the dentists have been so frequent and painful to the extent that I don’t want to read the word anymore, and when students say that they want to study dentistry I tell them look at my mouth! It is a result of years of either bad dentists or dentists who were trying to repair bad dentists’ work.  It must be karma, as I have placed many students into dentistry programme (why am I digressing!) thinking that one day one of them will graduate and will have a solution for me!

Or maybe it’s the hot flushes, but these were there for few years now, why suddenly the teeth and the hot flushes would wake me up?

Then eureka, I got it. I have been sleeping in a different room, and the curtains that Costed me a lot are not done properly, the light comes in early and of course will wake me up. I will call my friend today to provide a solution, as I am sure you do not want to read ranting about my dentists and my hot flushes.

But hold on a second. Why not? I am not complaining here, I am merely stating facts. I have spent a fortune on my teeth, including the last operation that took place 3 weeks ago which left my face looking like Micky mouse and my nose spreading on my face like a scope of melted ice cream. This morning I walk up with an absess on top of the bone graft so I am sure that the bone that was planted is not accepted by my body. Of course I know why, my body hates me, he or she (not sure if the word body is a male or a female word) hates to see me in tictac shape, because he or she knows that if I am fine, I will get into some sort of trouble and affect it. Self districting mechanism?

And the second thing is this hot flush, that suddenly and without any prior notice a 1000 centigrade of heat erupts inside you, and then the body of course tries to put the fire off so you find yourself swimming in sweat. It is okay to have this while you are at home, as you can jump into the shower, but in the middle of a classroom while you are training a group of Austrian students about arab culture? No that is beyond acceptable.  To tell you the truth, I will not wish this to my enemiest enemy it is torture in disguise. 

So I am thinking, how come millions of dollars are being spent on ridiculous stuff like plastic surgery, and other superficial research, while the doctors or the scientists leave important things to nature to sort out. No problem I am going to start the teeth-grinding society and we will raise funds so at least someone will figure out the reason, and also the hot-flush society and raise funds on buying fire extinguishers specific for women? I am not kidding here

Our motives into research is screwed up, and this reminds me of a saying that we spend so much research money on breast enlargement and the male organ enlargement, one day the man and the woman will wake up and say what are these? Great they both got Alzheimer!  Something that we also forgot to spend money on.

Have a great day.