the writer of these quotes is anonymous, my daughter converted them to English, so here you go:
1. Do the things you enjoy – i.e. painting
2. Give yourself 10 to 30 minutes of walking time everyday while smiling
3. Sit in silence for 10 minutes a day
4. Sleep early, wake up early
5. Have 8 hours of sleep daily
6. Be filled with energy, optimism, goals and love
7. Play fun games daily
8. Do not use profanity
9. Read more books than you did in 2010
10. Always make some time for soul food – Prayers, Beads, Qura’an recital
11. Spend time with older people (70+) and younger people (6 and younger)
12. Have a lot of fresh foods and diminish the consumption of processed foods
13. Drink a lot of water
14. Try to make at least three people smile everyday
15. Don’t allow negative thoughts to control you, and focus your energy on the positive ones
16. Know that life is like a school, and you’re a student in it. The problems you face are like mathematical equations in which you can solve
17. Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper
18. Life is very short, so don’t spend it hating others
19. Don’t take every situation seriously
20. It is not necessary to win in everything
21. Forget the negative past, so you can have a positive future
22. Don’t compare your life to others’
23. The only person responsible for your happiness is YOU
24. Always forgive people, no matter what
25. Always have faith in God
26. Get rid of everything that is a time waster, bring no happiness, and has a lot of ugliness and hatred
27. Work doesn’t look after you when you’re sick, your friends and family do, so look after them!
28. Envy is a waste of time – You control your own destiny (e7teyajaatk)
29. If you fall, don’t be weak, get up and start again!
30. Try to always do the right thing
31. Keep in contact with your family and always call your parents
32. Be positive and happy
33. Give something special to others every single day
34. Know your limits
35. Thank god as soon as you wake up