On Sunday, we decided to go to Vienna for sightseeing. We were late, so the bus went to the next hotel to pick up the other travellers. After one hour the bus arrived, and the tour operator (who cannot speak good English, which made me think how she will explain the history of the places we are going to visit? maybe we will learn Slovakian language hehe) brought a traveller to tell us what happened. It transpired that this traveller and her Aunt rode to the bus first, then another group came in, and as soon as they saw the girl and the aunt, closed the door of the bus again and shouted at the tour operator, refused to go on the tour, and asked for their money back. So she said that since we are only four, we can cancel and will receive the refund or we have to pay a bit extra and continue with our journey. I also helped by bringing another traveller who was supposed to go to the airport and she paid this poor non-English speaking tour operator extra money, we were happy and had a whole bus to ourselves. However the incident made me think of why that group didn’t want to ride with us? I would like you to guess the background of the group at the end of this blog please.

I believe that when someone is relaxed, most of the detestation will disappear from ones heart, and life will be a bed of roses. One would forget wars and terrorism; one will return to nature and find out why god created us. We are all in this life for a reason, and this reason is behind our creation, we were not created to spread wars and kill people, we are here to spread knowledge and invent things for the betterment of humanity. However this group despite going to a health spa didn’t find it in themselves to love us, we the Arabs who do not mind smiling to them and greeting them. So how do you ever imagine that the Palestinians problem will ever be solved?

Help people, we need a solution.