I love the English country side, but when it’s coupled with the sea side, it becomes something that is more than just stunning. You know, when the beach meets the grass and goes up in mountains that has cows and sheep spread like cotton wool, plus the high trees, lovely seagulls and people fishing, swimming and eating ice cream? Ok you get the picture, it just makes me wonder why we in the gulf don’t have nature like this. Maybe God gave us enough money to travel the world and enjoy its wonders, maybe that is the reason for having the oil in our countries.  I am certainly one of the lucky ones that can travel and see places but don’t have to spend any money to see them.  

This little English town is a best kept secret, great place to spend a quite holiday away from everybody; of course you can imagine why the Arabs and the rest of the tourists don’t come here! It’s because the town is full of UK holiday makers, and lacks the stuff the tourists want! But what do the tourists want? Beaches, cafes, restaurants, walking, fun for children, adventure places, shops, souvenirs, Ice Cream, etc! Well all of this is available in every holiday town in UK, but we don’t go there because we all rely on travel shops that only send tourists to London or Manchester! We are a real lazy lot, we don’t look further; now if I want to go on holiday I am certainly going to ask Mr Google about holiday spots instead of checking with Holiday shops.

When we left the bus, the group spread, I wasn’t hungry as I had a bowl of porridge and couple of toasts, butter and honey for breakfast, but when I saw the English style cafe I couldn’t resist the scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam, so off I went in and asked for those to be brought to my table, next to me were a couple just having their breakfast (sharing a plate of toast and jam I guess as I didn’t see other than that plate on their table) we started to talk, and we had a laugh.  They told me that they rent a caravan for 300 pounds a week with their grand kids, and while the kids are swimming they both go for walks and enjoy the scenery.  I was utterly ashamed of myself, dunking my head into every restaurant and cafe asking for food instead of going for walks! I decided that after I treat myself to this proper tea I will go for a long walk, and so I did. 

What I noticed though that this town (and many other little coastal towns in the UK) are full of not so young people, it was amazing to see old husbands and wives walking, in cafes having tea and English Scones, living on the beach and having fun. This is of course quite a contrast to what our old people do, just set at home and wait for death to come and take them to the ultimate place.

The people here want to live life to the last drop.  A woman walking and the man on the wheel chair, a man walking and the woman in the wheel chair, two people walking with the help of a walker, a blind woman with a stick holding on to her husband who was vividly explaining to her the picturesque scenery! I over heard him telling her that there are people fishing, children having ice cream, and lots of seagulls! I heard her say that she can hear the seagulls, but she cannot smell the ice cream! he went and bought her a scoop of Vanilla ice cream, so she can imagine it licked by the walking kids. Lovely

On the bus now going to London, it is going to be a busy few days, but if I have time I will let you know something about what am I doing there.