It was the first time in my life that I Visit one of those settings where people arrive and say hi to a distinguished person, we stood up everytime a person entered, walked to the distinguished person, shook his hands, then he turned around and shook the hands of every person in that majlis. When you sit down again, after like 30 seconds you stand again to shake the hands of another comer, sit down and there it goes again. Of course the arabic coffee comes to you, with the coffee men walking like slodiers with a rythem, if a Muallaya was playing they would look like dancers (I actually imagined them do so :)) very funny, then the same coffee men change to tea men, really nice, hot, strong tea is served in wee coffee cups. I had all of those that they served to me. Of course people would come just to have a look at this distinguished person, I am not sure if they all were like us, I mean needing something from him, I doubt it, anyway, at the end we conduted our business and left. The whole way back (while playing solitair on my battery-dying-BB)I was just visualising those men seated in that 50 odd people room standing to shake the hands of the new comers, drinking tea and coffee served by dancing soldiers. I am not sure how to explain my feeling, but I must tell you that I am confused.

if there is justice in the world, no one would visit any one as no one would need a favour from anyone.