Well, how can I start this post? First of all,  to me the whole thing was a conspiracy theory to get us all involved and make us disregard important happenings around the world.  Europe to start with is having great difficulties; no one wants us to analyze what is happening there. Why did Greece, Italy, and Spain end up in this sticky situation? Why these three countries and many like them are are on the verge of bankruptcy? Where is the money that all of these heavily populated with tourists countries go? Why did they end up needing so much money to the extent that some people are speculating that Abu Dhabi can buy them! and all the people in Italy, Spain and Greece will be called Tahnoon, Hasher, Zayed etc, but their surname will of course remain foreign.  That will be great I guess, then we can go there without a visa, and the spaghetti will have a little bit of our spices too instead of Oregano.  Excuse me I don’t mean to be disrespectful to these European countries, I am just wondering why on earth did the news agencies report on a daily basis everything about what is happening in the middle east, and only tidbits about Europe? Who is really having the trouble? 

Now to complete this conspiracy, I hear about the triangular fight of who is going to sell more Oil, and how is that going to be secure to prevent top western countries from going bankrupt too? So for example Saudi Arabia is happy to produce more oil than Iraq and Iran, Iraq wants to export more Oil than Iran, and hence the fight in OPEC, OAPEC and other acronyms about the amount of money we are securing by selling oil.  Also if we are all living in Oil rich countries, and with all the media telling us the news in drastic figures depicted in graphs and charts, and again these charts and graphs are read by the masses, then, what else do these governments expect other than people springing to ask for their rights?  Of course the media tries to hide the fact that in every country there are problems, but only highlights events that are not going to be damaging to the world powerful countries!  

Which is the first country that had Arab Spring? Egypt? Why? Is it because the people are fed up of Monsieur Husni? I guess not, it’s because the economy of Egypt is so strong and powerful to the extent that the money in Egypt can save Europe’s failing countries. However that money was siphoned by Monsieur Husni, and shipped to a few boutique banks in Switzerland, that can only be opened to the top few countries, the superpowers.

The second country to leap, ok, is Libya, so lest not to forget. I was in Libya once and they had a conference, Herr Gaddafi was talking from morning to evening, and that too was broadcasted on their only three channels TV. The people of Libya do not have satellites, but my friends watch every other channel by sabotaging the internet IP addresses so they can see what is happening in the world.  OK, why now? Gaddafi lived in power for 35 years didn’t he? And he too siphoned a lot of money out of the country? Because we in the west needed that oil and money so we save those dying economies including the economy of the only superpower left in the world USA. This last country has more unemployment than it needs, and they almost gave up on what else their CIA can do, so they decided that the only way to get even more money out of the idiots (us the Arabs) is by firing a spark and calling it ARAB SPRING, just to give it a bit of panache.  So again, its a matter of economics. 

Lastly, the Arab Spring in Bahrain and Syria!  Well, look at the neighboring countries, and which one of them produces more Oil? And who is fighting to get that security in Oil, and I rest my case

I think we should all wake up to the fact that we are the puppets of the west, we have more money than anyone can imagine, and that will not be swallowed by the west easily, why do we have so much money? And who actually has that money? Why do we have poor people if we have so much money? Why is the price per barrel of oil over 32 dollars, when it costs less than a dollar to produce it? Why don’t we all learn to share the resources of the earth to benefit humanity and raise the level of literacy, employment, education, health, living conditions, and all other needs that one requires in order to be a good citizen?  

A final point! A friend of mine has a son who works for higher up government official.  The son has nothing, but his education, integrity and honesty, and being the adviser to this government official he sees how much he spends on useless stuff and how many houses and what not he owns.  How long is this son going to be honest? We help in producing thieves!  We must stop this madness and let everybody be content. 

Economics is the hardest subject to study, as it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and at the same time it does.  No one can comprehend the theories unless and until one sees them working in practice, and to see them working in practice means that a lot of people are either going to be in jail, killed, murdered, assassinated, a finger is cut and shoved inside the hole of the bum of the person who is now without a finger and dead ( I bet you all had read about how the son of Gaddafi was mutated after his death, what I wrote here is a small depiction of the reality of what happened to him). Anyway, we teach economics in the same way we teach mathematics, a set of formula that doesn’t relate to each other but if they are put together they make a lot of sense.   

I want to start teaching economics again, just to show the silly things that we can learn by analyzing economical issues happening around us.