This is not a tricky question, and it is not meant to be answered by the most intelligent people on earth. It is as simple as can be.

Students who want to study to be phone developers should go for a product design course which is part of the engineering faculty. Most universities that have engineering may have this major. However a knowledge of hard ware and software is crucial, and these must be learnt prior to embarking on the major. 

The requirements will be a portfolio about your self with pictures and essays relating to the phone industry, drawings of phones and new designs if any. Most students do to know that this is important so they never have them and wonder why the university did not accept them into that degree. So let me explain to you why having a portfolio about you and your future career is important; this shows that you are serious about your pathway, and already know what you want to do in life. Of course just loving to buy new phones when the new model lands in the market is not a reason for unvisitity registrar to accept you, you will need to have an in depth analysis, knowledge of design and some past experience of building something.

It is very unfortunate that our schools do not encourage students to prepare a portfolio of work during their school term. I guess because we are busy teaching subjects that are not relevant to our future so the important stuff fall in the crack. I must talk to KHDA about this and hope that they will have it as a mandatory item when they audit the schools. 

I can show the kids how to start building their portfolio and will be happy to see some come to us for admission armed with all the necessary documents. 

Just a fun note, if you are really going to study phone design please talk to my sisters, they are killing the BBM and the whatsapp messenger due to extensive use!!!  I guess it’s time that someone give them a new application but Steve Job is gone, so I guess we need new Steve Jobs soon.