Google We started our company at the same time google started, and it grew magnanimously while we stayed as a drop in the sea.  All of these companies and us have one thing in common, all of us started with minimal or non existing capital, we all started in garages or in a room in our houses, but they grew and we didn’t!why?  In actual fact if we look at the companies of the second decade of the millennium, like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and so on you will notice that all of these companies had one thing in common, that is growth. They all wanted to connect organisations and people so they are linked and socially connected.  The word growth has a lot of meanings in the English dictionary. To grow clever, to grow rich, to grow old, to grow plants, to grow in wild and so on, but the main thing is to grow. So they managed this very well.  Also we started to use the names of these companies as verbs, I googled it, or I facebooked it, I tweeted it, and I placed it on LinkedIn, or did you flickr it?  The jobs that were created for clever users of these companies, I saw advert for jobs like twitter experts, facebookers or social media supervisor. Also our friends on twitter are called tweeps, and those on Facebook are our face to the outside world. Don’t forget the ancilliary organisations that grew around these companies, like those that do promotions, those that assumed themselves as experts on social media and started to do conferences to explain the use of these media in  huge social gatherings, and all of us would go to these conferneces or attend webinars.  What I am trying to say here is that these companies main reason for existence is to link people. We also wanted to link learners and learning organistions, and to date this is what we do. We provided a platform so learners find their best fit. Why didn’t we achieve this objective very well? If you think about it, education is a quarter of envy country’s GDP, and every body requires to learn, so the government spends, and universities and schools open, attract learners and teach them. The players in the international education are huge, as you can imagine the funds that is poured on this side of life, it’s huge and it’s growing day by day. What happened then? Is it because we lacked the appropriate technology to link learning organisations with learners? Or is the platform that we created is not good enough? So we need to invest in a technologists? The person or persons who can creat those portals that is socially clever and attractive and easy to use by laymen and laywomen so its used to its maximum without having to have Einesten next to us to explain how to get into a learning organisation website? And how to link ourselves it’s them.  Is that what we need? I think we are ready to have a staff meeting to discuss.  Watch out, you maybe dragged into a yet another Ezonemedia which will be a hub for growth, linking and friendship with a purpose this time. Let’s see what happens, watch this space for the third decade of the melenium!  Gash, I love me, how can I come up with great ideas like this on a friday morning