Every time I watch Tom Hanks Movie “The Terminal” I stay awake at night and continuously think of how can one live in an airport for 9 months? I know what you are going to say, its a movie, wake up!!.  However most movies must have come from real life experience instead of just fiction, I am not talking here about vampires and zombies, or a flying fairy, or twilight, or the incredible hulk and so on, I am talking about a normal human being who had no way of returning home due to wars and a prick of an airport manager who wouldn’t let him inside the city? so it could happen I guess!

However, when I watched the movie again this time, my mind was not wondering about living in an airport, I was wondering about the possibilities! how can a person who is stranded, probably without any money, live in a place, makes so many friends, makes money, falls in love, does creative stuff and persevere? these are the questions that came to my mind.  Are they hard questions? how did he do it?

Imagine our life, we are also stuck in a planet, and can make our living easily or we can fall in the trap of poverty and dissolve in a vicius circle with no way of getting out. We can have great friends, or we can be lonely and misrable, we can have plenty of money due to smart work, or can be as poor as can be, we can dress to kill, or wear rags, we can eat well and stay smart looking, or eat junk and become fat; these are endless possibilities; we can choose and we can fail or we can succeed, its all about us and how we feel about life, how we can be the masters of our being. 

The secret is how motivated we are, the secret is the belief in ones self, the secret is having a brain that can link all the thoughts and generate that one million dollar idea, the secret is in not being lazy, and in creating a certain life style that is undeniably perfect for creating a great future for everyone around us and for us.

Think of yourself, and then think of others,  that is the secret.