I haven’t written about my country for a while. Today the papers mention merges in the bourse, central bank having difficulties, the banks say that the money is drained, and people are still not happy so they are sulking at home? Ok, I am not saying that suddenly we all should turn the page, forget everything and start building again, not that, the wound is too deep to be healing in such short time. What I am saying is that both the people and the government should start work and apologise to each other, kiss each other on the forehead, and start to build, the last thing we all want to see is another Libya on this tiny island (of course we will never be as we do not have oil, but we are a gateway for those who are having another set of power struggle), every body should just stop and think? What do I really want?

For example I stop and think once a month of what I really want? And my list changes every month, I compare lists only when I am stuck and don’t know what I want!! Typical. Seriously, what I am trying to say here is that moods change, and wants change and needs change. So we will always have different needs and wants, and the government will never be able to keep up with us. And that is the fun in life, we place our orders and the restaurants have to change their menus based on what we really want? I guess what I am trying to say here is: fold the page guys, and talk in plain english rather than bring in ingredients that are not supposed to be added to that dish at all. To me a spice with the letter S, and another with the letter S again, should not be added to the food, as both are bad for your health, if you want to use them then make is scarce.

I think the goverment could have contained this whole saga by just listening to what the people were saying rather than making up stories. All they were saying is that they want free speech, more money, better life style and better education that is allowed to all. Basically the people want to be respected and empowered,i dont see nothing wrong with that. Look at what the UAE is doing and learn guys, the other day during the DWC, the Sheikhs were mingling with the public, the wives of the sheikh were there and their kids too, it was truly a country that believes in itself. I love it here and only wish that one day Bahrain will be the same, what is the problem if I go to costa in country mall and see sheikh SALMAN there, I greet him, or he greets me, and then I go to do my business while he continues to play with his daughter. I know that some of my friends will hate me for this, I am only mentioning imaginary names here. Anyway, I think going overboard from both sides is not something that we all had hoped for, nor the two youth who decided on twitter that they too should have a reveloution like Tunisia and Egypt