I will not say its luck, as luck has nothing to do with success, I will not say its perseverance as that too is not part of the success formula, neither its money, it can run out! nor is it support from others, as this too can run out, working hard is not the answer either, nor is it planning. 

So what makes a person successful?

My sister and I left Bahrain in the same year, we both married to men of different natinalities to us, we both lived in different countries, and had children who bore that nationality too, we both had a similar upbringing, and similar education. We both had gone to universities and both were fully supported by our great father (RIP), however we had a different life.  My children are now in Bahrain, married, and have an office and children, all be it are holding a different natinalities and an ability to live anywhere in the world, but they both love my country and their decision to live there was one of the best thing they both did.  My sister’s children are living in their own country, and one of them who is in Bahrain is not able to have any sort of stable life as he doesnt even have a residence, he cannot drive as he has no license due to no residence, and can be asked to leave at any point in time.

What I am trying to say here is that, we are all able to make choices in life, and some choices are better than others, however many of our choices are fallible and our ability to correct our course of action could be impeded due to the length of time we continued in that course of action.  Our life requires a continous stream of plans and corrective actions as and when we need to change our direction.  In actual fact what we need is mathmatics, yes mathmatics, we need to model our life to see what happens if w do this, and what happens if do that, and if so what happens next and so on.  I made a list of what if’s in another page of this blog, and all of them were part of my modular way of living my life.  I am not sure if my kids had learnt this trick from me or not, but I feel that every person should do this just to safegaurd his or her life to ensure that we do not end up losing great opportunities in life. 

I feel that we are responsble for our children’s lives too, its true that God is great and will provide for them same as providing food to an ant, however we are human beings with brain, and God gave us the ability to do things that other living things cannot do, so when we raise our children we must also train them well to take the responsible course of action, and if they do a mistake, we encourage them to think of how to make it a success, or how to change with minimum losses. 

I am writing this because my whole family wanted to spend time together in Bahrain, and we cannot as some of us are not able to be there due to the rules of that country. I am hoping that one day our governments will wake up to the fact that families are important as they are the bricks in the wall of any country, and they must try to make those bricks intact, as if one crumbles then the whole wall will fall. Also its the governments’ responsibility to make its people happy, as happy people make happy countries, and happy government, look around you in the world and you will see happy countries, we want to be one of those countries.