A mother asks about the best universities in Australia! So I gave her the link of the good university guide as it shows which are the best as well as some ranking bodies and where the Australian group of eight sit in their. Then it just occurred to me to ask about the age of the student!  The mother said 8 years!  Now presumably the child (who is supposed to be playing in the sand, climbing rocks and enjoying games along with many other children activities ) is graduating when he or she is 18, and till that time many things can happen, as education is becoming like the technological advancements, daily or minute by minute changes and developments!  Unless of course he or she are prodigy kids and will enter university next year. 

So here is what I have explained to the mother:

1-The need to do extra curricular activities, this is not just piano , violin, or cooking it’s creative writing, art, poetry,technology, carpentry and many other fields that enhances the sense of creativity in the child. The art of making things and innovating is what the child needs to do apart from school work. 
2- Overseas trips, this is not just for shopping , the child needs to realize the history and culture of each country, needs to walk in the bush, mountain hiking, skiing, museum runs, and anything to do with respecting others and learning their habits.

3- Sports and exercise are vital for the growth of the child so ample time needs to be invested in training the child, maybe he or she are the next who&who and can win those prizes. Let your child join a marshal art class or a tennis class! Find out first if he or she are upto it as the child has to be ready for it.

4- Volunteering programmes can be the best way to teach communication skills and empathy, train your child on the art of volunteering, fund raising, helping the poor, educate another child, raise awareness about troubles happened due to floods and other natural disasters. All children have a sense of empathy but the art of growing up makes them forget, us the parents must emphasis the importance of helping 
 5-Any short courses or certificates that are provided by evening schools and novice trainers can enhance your child’s abilities and polish them. Let the child meet people that can change lives and create a sense of pride in just being here in the world. 
6- Joining a model United Nations community or a TED community. Here the child will learn how to research and how to present 

7- Let the child join an acting school as the various personalities he or she will play can teach one or two things on how it feels to be in other people’s shoe 
The list can go on and if you need other ideas contact me