I mentioned to you  in a previous blog that the kids and I were clearing my friend’s flat, so while sorting the stuff she had left behind we found creams, bags, pens, various types of food, vitamins, DVD’s, storage items, perfumes, jewelry, simcards, camera, stuff for the kitchen, home decoration items, candles, few trollies, bedsheets, duvets, and many many items that will fill this page if I listed all of them. Why did she buy these stuff? And what made her decide to take what she took with her and leave all of these things behind? Do we need to buy these things? Are they a necessity for our living and harmony or just a way to spend our time when we are bored? Did she find joy in shopping? Did she have a lot of time on her hand? Are these things part of the personality of certain professions? Or every one would just spend because one has the money to spend?

I am not digressing here, or ranting as some had mentioned to me.  When people leave for good they tend to leave behind a lot of the things that are considered important for the place they happen to live in, once they reach their new destination they will adapt to their new life and start spending accordingly.

I bit you anything that living in Dubai will make us spend every cent that we earn on all the rubbish the stores bring to us, the lights, and discounts we are lured with are sufficient reasons to buy more. We may not have the time to shop, but when we do shop its till we drop. It doesn’t matter what we buy and if we are going to use those things! the only important thing is that we buy the item.  I have few items in my own drawers that I don’t recall using them for over a year. and when we do not use something for over a year it means we don’t need it. so why buy it to begin with?

Is it the advertisers? or is it part of the show off that we can buy? does it matter how we pay for those items? is it cash that we have actually earned or is it cash to be earned one day and now substituted with a plastic card swiped on a little box! there are many reports in the world that says that many people in the world are living on great debts, and the reasons of course are many, one of them is having a credit card.

However, Living in a country will teach us certain habits, even our buying habits differ from one country to the other; I just hope that my friend will not be extravagant and spend on things that she doesn’t need just in case she has to move on.